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Roller Bearing Information

1. Rolling bearing is one precise mechanical component

It can change the sliding friction between operating axle and axle seat into rolling friction, and then reduce the frictional loss.

The rolling bearing usually has four parts: inner ring, outer ring, roller and retainer.
● The function of inner ring is cooperating with axle and rotating with axle.
● The function of outer ring is supporting the bearing with bearing pedestal.
● The roller distributes between the inner ring and outer ring by retainer. Its shape, size and number directly decides the usability and lifespan of rolling bearing.
● The retainer can make the roller uniform distribution and prevent the roller from peeling and lead roller to rotate. Then, the roller can execute the lubrication action.
● The lubricant can be regarded as fifth part of rolling bearing. It has the function of lubrication, cooling and washing and so on.

2. Advantages for rolling bearing

1) Small frictional drag, low power consumption, high mechanical efficiency, easy to start.
2) Size standardization, having interchangeability, easy to install, disassemble and maintain.
3) Compact structure, light weight, small axial dimension.
4) High precision, high revolving speed, less abrasion, long working life.
5) Parts of bearings has the function of automatic self-aligning.
6) It is suitable for large scale production. It has good quality and high production efficiency.
7) Its friction driving moment is less than fluid dynamic bearing, so it has low frictional temperature rise and power consumption.
8) Its start-up friction moment is a little more than pivoting friction moment.
9) Its sensibility of deformation of the bearing to deformation under load is less than fluid dynamic bearing's sensibility.
10) It only needs a little lubricant to work well . And it can provide lubricant long time when it's working.
11) Its axial dimension is less than that of fluid dynamic bearing.
12) It can bear the load that consists of radial force and thrust.
13) It has good performance in large range of load and speed because of unique designment.
14) Its performance is not sensitive to the fluctuation of load, speed and running speed.

1. Big noise.
2. Complicated structure of bearing pedestal.
3. High cost.
4. Though the bearing has good lubrication, right installment, good dust and dump prevention, and good running. It will break down because of the loss of rolling contact surface.

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