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  • Office Supply Equipment Bearings

    Office automation equipment includes printer, duplicator and shredder and so on. So on the one hand, the bearing should be high precision and high temperature resistance. On the other hand, there are more thin bearings because of space limitation.

  • Vehicle Bearings

    There are many types of vehicle bearings. The bearing near the engine need to be high temperature resistance and the bearing far from engine needn't. However, all the bearings must have high reliability.

  • Electric Power Tool Bearings

    The bearings used by electric tools should be high precision, high revolving speed and producing less heat and so on.

  • Fitness Equipment Bearings

    There are many types of bearings for fitness equipment. And these bearings should be well sealed and low noise and so on.

  • Banking Equipment Bearings

    The bearing should be no noise or abnormal noise when banking equipment is working. Meanwhile, the bearing should be rustproof and very precise.

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