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  • Bearing Classification and Selection

    1. Classifying by structure
    2. Classifying by types of rolling element
    3. Classifying by self-aligning or not
    4. Classifying by whether the bearing separate
    5. Discriminating the bearing

  • Common Causes of Bearing Failure

    1. High temperature of bearing
    2. Bearing noise
    3. Metal of raceway surface peeled
    4. Bearing burns
    5. Plastic deformation
    6. Bearing race having cracks
    7. Retainer having cracks
    8. Seat rings and raceway wearing out badly

  • Bearing Lubrication Methods

    1. Lubricating by hand
    2. Lubrication of dropping point
    3. Lubrication by oil ring
    4. Lubrication by oil string
    5. Lubrication by oil pad
    6. Oil bath lubrication
    7. Splash lubrication
    8. Spray lubrication
    9. Lubrication of pressure supply

  • Roller Bearing Materials Performance and Requirement

    The material of rolling bearing includes material of parts of rolling bearing, retainer, rivet and other auxiliary materials. The parts of rolling bearing is mainly made of steel which usually is high-carbon chromium steel and carburizing steel. With the development of modern science and technology and increase usage amount of bearings, there are higher requirement for bearings. For example, the bearing should have high precision, long usage life, high reliability and so on. For some bearing in special usage, it also needs to have the feature of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, nonmagnetic, ultralow temperature resistance, radiation resistance and so on.

  • Bearing Steel Smelting Requirement

    1. Requirement for precise chemical component
    2. Requirement for high precise dimension
    3. Requirement for high clarity
    4. Strict requirement for surface defect and internal defect
    5. Strict requirement for carbide nonuniformity
    6. Strict requirement for decarburization layer of surface
    7. Other requirements

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